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Your Story Matters

A video series showing the transformative power of Christ in individuals

Your Story Matters: Evan

Evan heard the Gospel growing up, but didn’t take it serious. He did whatever he wanted as a college student at UofL. Then one day some members for the local Immanuel Baptist church came and shared the Gospel to him on UofL’s campus. Watch his story and... read more

Your Story Matters: Chelsea

Where does our acceptance come from? Is there more to being a Christian than simply being a good person? Chelsea had these realizations later on in life through a third grade friend and through seeing God’s love in action   Watch her story and see how God uses campus... read more

Your Story Matters: Emily

Growing up with out a sense of belonging, Emily had made sports her God. It wasn’t until her freshman year of college, when she got invited to play on an intermural volleyball team, that she found a community as interested in who she was and she was in them.  ... read more

Your Story Matters Jessica

Growing up in a Christian home, Jessica still found herself burdened with the possibility of disappointing God. After starting college, she realized there is more than just doing things for God; we get the opportunity to build a relationship with him.   Watch her... read more

Your Story Matters: Jonah

After returning from a missions trip to Ecuador, Jonah found clarity in view of his relationship with God. Inspired by the simplistic community of the Ecuadorian church, Jonah realizes the difference between a loving relationship with the Father and going through the... read more

Your Story Matters: Reynaldo

It was an April Sunday when former catholic and atheist, Reynaldo, gave his life to Jesus. Hard times and circumstance had led him away from the church but an invite from a friend brought him back, and it was there that Reynaldo found his questions answered. “Your... read more

Your Story Matters: Sarah

Growing up in a Christian home, Sarah learned at a young age what it meant to follow the Lord and have him near. When she got to college, however, she found herself alone, even while being surrounded by new people.   Watch her story and see how God uses campus... read more

Your Story Matters: Abbey Hudspeth

Last spring break, Abbey was standing in the drink-mixer aisle of a Panama City store when she was greeted by a familiar face. It was Jonathan Clark, her Baptist campus missionary at Murray State University. Watch her story and see how God uses campus ministry to... read more

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