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Lead. Transport. Network. Pray. 

The Church Leader Experience is an interactive, cross-cultural, evangelistic, and life-transforming event that is conjoined with the Connect International Student Conference. 300+ students from all around the world gather together in Kentucky to make new friends, celebrate culture, and learn about the Christian faith. Most of these students have never heard the gospel. Many of them have never met a Christian. Few of them have access to a local Church in their home country.

Leaders from local Churches are encouraged to participate in the Church Leader Experience which entails leading, transporting, networking, and praying.

  • Lead by facilitating conversation for Connect Groups, consisting of both non-Christian and Christian students during the Connect (International Student) Conference.
  • Transport international students to and from their campus both before and after the Connect Conference. Along the way, build relationships that can last long after the conference.
  • Network with other Church leaders and international student ministry practitioners. None of us are experts here, so all of us can learn more from another.
  • Pray about and consider what it would look like for you and your Church to begin serving international students throughout the year.

Could you and other members of your Church reach the nations by stepping foot onto a campus near you? Let us help you get started by engaging the nations at the Connect Conference. We look forward to connecting with you at the Church Leader Experience!

If interested, register here.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I be a part of the Church Leader Experience and not lead/facilitate connect groups at the Connect Conference? Yes. We usually put two leaders with each connect group to help them share the load. Usually we combine a Christian college student with a Christian Church Leader. You can simply participate at a table without leading though.
  2. How are the Connect Groups arranged? We strive to put groups together with whichever university, Church, or campus ministry group the students have come with. We cannot always promise you will be sitting with students who you have transported to the conference.
  3. What does networking look like as a part of the Church Leader Experience? There will be times throughout the weekend where you will gather in groups with other Church leaders. Some of these leaders will already have been involved in international student ministry, while others could be anywhere from just beginning or have a desire to start soon. These are great opportunities to make connections to help you take your next step in engagement.
  4. Who can actually participate in the Church Leader Experience? Pastor, deacon, campus ministry leader, member, etc? A Church leader in our perspective is anyone who is a member within a local Church who desires to influence other members to engage the nations. If you are a pastor, you are welcome. If you are a deacon, welcome. If you are a campus ministry leader, Sunday school teacher, small group leader, or a member serving in a different capacity but has a desire to reach the nations on the campus or in the community, we would love for you to join us.
  5. Do I find my own international student(s) to transport or will you help me connect with them? Let us know you are willing to transport students through registration. Then connect with your Regional Campus Missionary who will arrange the transportation.
  6. Will I need to book my own room? YES. Registration does not include lodging. Converse with your Regional Campus Missionary first before booking your room. He may already have a few rooms booked for Church Leaders from within his region.
  7. What do I need to bring with me? Bring a notepad, pen, warm and comfortable clothes. If you have clothing from a different culture, bring them for the Saturday night banquet. If you do not, we would encourage to dress in business casual. Bringing one outfit to get messy would be encouraged in case one activity requires this.
  8. Is there a social media handle or email address I can follow/contact where I may receive upcoming information concerning event? Follow Connect International on Twitter at @youareconnect and on Facebook here. If you have other questions once again contact your Regional Campus Missionary.

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