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We live in a day when 75% to 85% of our Kentucky Baptist churches are dying or, at best, plateaued in their ability to help people encounter Jesus. We live in a day when 95% of the roughly 900,000 students and young adults in Kentucky, aged 12-24 (the Twelve24 Window), do not profess to have a relationship with Jesus (That’s roughly 860,000 students and young adults!). We live in a day when the darkness is vast.

Kentucky Baptist Campus Ministry is here as a resource to help your church help every student on every campus encounter Jesus and experience life to the full. Below is information to help you get started:


Based on the missions mandate found in Acts 1:8, Experience 1:8 is all about discipleship, living in community, evangelism, leadership and global missions. An Experience 1:8 team can be a great catalyst for ministry to the Twelve24 Window in your community.

Connect with your regional campus missionary by emailing Collegiate@kybaptist.org

Download and Complete the Experience 1:8 Church Host Application 

Get Organized

Hosting an Experience 1:8 team can be a great blessing to your church. With a little bit of planning and organization, the overall experience can lead to more people encountering Jesus and new life in your church!

Check out the following tabs for some things to consider:

Host Church Information

Check out the information in these tabs for information to prepare to host an Experience 1:8 team:


KBC Conferences & Training Opportunities

Converge – September 22-24, 2017

Converge 2017 will be an exciting, fun-filled retreat for students either in college or about to enter college. Join us in Louisville, KY September 22-24, 2017 to discover God’s desire to equip and use you as a missionary to your campus. More info…

REACH Conference – March 28, 2017

Connect with leaders who are using the Gospel to effectively engage the darkness around them. Network and go deeper with the main session speakers during lunch. REACH will ignite your passion for reaching people with the Gospel and provide opportunities and resources for your church to be more evangelistic.


Things to Consider

What will your team do?

What will you do with your team this summer? Consider including some “down time” for the team to re-charge and develop relationships among the team. Model for them what it looks like to engage with intentionality and discipline over the long-term.

  • What is your summer start & end dates?
  • Will you have a scheduled discipleship time for your team?
  • What is the mission for the summer?
  • Is your schedule a holistic approach in balancing life, ministry, health, spiritual growth, etc…
  • What will your orientation time include when your team arrives?  (Intro to church staff, tour of church campus, training in conflict resolution, personality testing, etc…)
  • When is the first time you will have your team come together to meet and train/team build in preparation for the summer?
  • How will you connect with them in preparing for the summer throughout the year?(i.e. Facebook group, email, texting group, group skype meetings?

How will you select your team? 

Selecting the team is important. You want the right people on your team. Utilize a team coordinator that is serving as a Campus Missionary Inter to help with this. He or she will have great relationships with other students and will be positioned to recruit the right people for the team. Discuss with your coordinator and leadership team the following:

  • When does recruiting begin? End?
  • What will be your interview process?
  • When will students know if they have been selected?
  • What is the deadline for applications to be submitted?
  • What size team do you want?
  • Did you call to check references?

How will you handle finances?

God has provided the resources (financial and otherwise) to do what He has called His people to do. Think through what finances are needed and what needs to happen to be a good steward of those resources. Often, having the team raise some or all of those funds increases “buy-in” on the part of the team. It also increases the exposure of what God is doing through your team as the team casts the vision for the team to potential team supporters.

  • When is the good faith commitment deposit due? How much is the deposit?
  • Will the students get a stipend? If so, how much?  When do they receive it?
  • Will your coordinator get a stipend? If so, how much? When do they receive it?
  • What is the coordinator job description?
  • How will your team manage finances & who will manage finances?
  • Whose attention do they send their support to?
  • What is the deadline for all support to be raised?
  • What is your church budget to host a team?
  • How much support do the students need to raise?
  • Does your coordinator need to raise support or is it built into the students support raising to fund the coordinator position?
  • Will you train/help guide them in sending out support letters? If so, when/how?

 What food & lodging will be provided? 

Students are flexible. Consider where you will house them and how you will handle meals. Often living in groups is helpful on many levels as it helps students develop healthy relationships. Set some clear boundaries and eliminate as many distractions as possible. Meals in host-family homes work well and share the load among various church members.

  • Will lodging be at the church or host homes?
  • Will meals be provided?

 Will the team travel international?

Are you traveling abroad? Ask yourself why? Why are you going where you are going? How will this trip help you reach the people within your community? International trips are large investments. Make the most of the trip by preparing well and working with seasoned partners to see as many people encounter Jesus and experience life to the full as possible.

  • Do they need immunizations for the location they will be traveling to? If so when do they need to have them by?  Do they have an updated copy of immunization records?
  • Do they have a Passport? If not when do they need to apply?
  • Do they need a Visa?
  • What is the amount of support that needs to be turned in prior to making airline reservations? Date to be turned in by?

 How will you prepare the team for the summer?

Communication is key! You may feel as though you are repeating yourself. That’s ok. People communicate differently and through different mediums. Communicate clearly and often. Be specific and state clear expectations for deadlines, what needs to be turned in or prepared, and so on. Miscommunication or lack of communication opens too many doors through which Satan will work to disrupt what you are seeking to accomplish. Communicate well!

  • Will you have a family weekend? Can family visit anytime?
  • Will you allow friends/boyfriends/girlfriends to visit?
  • What about dating relationships among team members?
  • Will you have a curfew?
  • Will your team have free time? What does free time mean?
  • Will your Coordinator have any free time away from the team?
  • Do you need t-shirt sizes?
  • Will you have a meet and greet for church members?
  • Will you have a hospitality coordinator?
  • Where will they do laundry and when?
  • Will your require them to attend any Collegiate Conferences for spiritual growth prior to the summer.

Legal Considerations:

  • Coming soon

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