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CMI: Lance Mauldin
Date: 1/26/16
Church: Westside Baptist
Campus: Murray State

How has the semester gone so far with campus ministry? (High/Low)

It was rough getting into the flow for what collegiate ministry is, but it has been a great opportunity. I would say one of the great things about collegiate ministry is the opportunity to serve in a community group and how one-on-one conversations blossom from that.

Have you had progressive conversations about the Gospel with non-believers?

Yes, what a blessing it is just to be on campus and have intentional conversations with people who are actively searching for that higher power. These conversations also happen by students questioning what makes our belief the right belief. This gives us an opportunity to share in the love that Christ has for us.

What has been the most challenge thing for you so far?

One of the challenges that lies with any job is the comfort, flow, and rhythm it can create. When a person gets into a rhythm it can create a sense of comfortability. It gets hard to seek God through the chaotic season, but I have learned to rely on Him and pursue Him regardless of the situation.

What goals have you set this semester for your own spiritual growth?

Here at the Murray State BCM, we have set goals to help each other accountable for spiritual growth. It has been a blessing to see God work through His Word. I have come to read and study the Bible more and more as it has become such a precious part of my life.

How can we encourage/help you?

Pray that the name of Jesus would be known on the campus at Murray State.

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