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February 10-12, 2017

Refuge Louisville Inc.
5007 Southside Dr,
Louisville, KY 40214

Equipping members to be missionaries and mobilizers of the local Church to reach internationals in Kentucky and the world for Christ.

God has brought the nations to our doorstep (Acts 17) and has given us a Biblical mandate to make disciples among all peoples (Matthew 28). M3 Intensive will help you develop missionary skills to use both on your campus and around the world for the glory of Christ.

Those who are Christian international students, OR those who are or desire to be involved in international student ministry are welcome to register for this event.


Empowering the Church The mission of God flows most effectively through local churches rather than missional individuals and organizations, therefore M3 seeks to empower students’ local churches on mission.

Emphasizing the Scriptures The Bible and the theology it informs is the authority for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness, therefore M3 seeks to hold it as the guiding curriculum.

Establishing missionary thinking God is a sending God, thus all his sons and daughters are sent ones with unique roles in the mission of God; therefore M3 seeks to encourage students in thinking like missionaries.

Expecting missionary practice Disciples of Jesus are expected to obey everything he commanded, therefore M3 seeks to be a practical learning environment for students to immediately apply instruction.

Experiencing communal learning Jesus modeled discipleship in the context of community, therefore M3 seeks to group students and leaders to prompt discussion, collaboration, and contextualization.

Tentative Schedule

6:00 PM – Registration
7:00 PM – Welcome
7:15 PM – Training #1 – Understanding My Local Church
8:15 PM – Break
8:30 PM – Training #2 – Understanding My Mission Field
9:30 PM – Depart for host homes

8:00 AM – Breakfast at host homes
9:00 AM – Morning devotional
9:30 AM – Training #3 – Following the Spirit & Learning Culture
10:30 AM – Application
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Training #4 – Avoiding Barriers & Finding Bridges
2:00 PM – Application
3:30 PM – Debrief
4:00 PM – Break
4:30 PM – Training #5 – Seeking Persons of Peace & Gospel Appointments
5:30 PM – Application
7:00 PM – Dinner
8:00 PM – Training #6 – Leading Evangelistic Bible Studies
9:30 PM – Depart for host homes

8:00 AM – Breakfast at host homes
9:00 AM – Training #7 – Review & Next Steps
10:30 AM – ECWA2 Service (optional)
1:00 PM – Lunch (optional)

Missionary Skills

Missionaries learn skills before heading overseas for cross-cultural ministry. Below are skills we believe each Christian ought to learn since all Christians are responsible for making disciples of all nations wherever they are.

Following the Spirit
Strategies are not enough. “If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25). To be effective missionaries we must learn to discern the voice of the Lord and his guidance.

Mapping is the fieldwork from which strategies can be formed. Learn how to see your campus from a strategic angle either individually or even more effectively as a Church-based ministry team.

Searching for Persons of Peace
Throughout the Scriptures we see God use influential individuals within a community of lostness to be the launching pad for people being reached. Observe in the Scriptures and practice what the apostles did as they went into a new area to make disciples. 

Cultural Acquisition
In ministering to others we need to learn how to understand others’ perspectives. In asking good questions and listening well we can sense a person’s worldview and learn about the culture in which it was formed. It is important not to categorize a certain group of people but take each individual as they are and build a healthy, understanding relationship with them as we share the gospel of Christ.

Gospel Appointment
This generation of college students and in our culture, people are generally schedule oriented. Learn how you can simply get the opportunity to share the gospel with others in a culturally appropriate manner.

Evangelistic Bible Study
Learn how to engage groups in evangelism. Family groups will be modeled throughout the intensive to help others think how they could begin in evangelizing a group that could result in a Church plant.

Church Planting from the Book of Acts
Church planting is the aftermath of people coming to know Christ and are discipled to make disciples. Come and learn how God could use you to plant Churches both near and far.

Major World Religions: Islam, Hinduism, Atheism
The three predominant nations sending international students to Kentucky are China, India, and a country from within the Middle East. Each one of these countries present most of the major world religions. Spend time thinking through the basics of these religions for effective gospel proclamation.

Barriers/Bridges to the Gospel
As we take time to get to know what others believe, we quickly realize there are barriers that the enemy has put into place that keeps them from believing in the gospel. God, in his providence has also established bridges in which the gospel can be communicated clearly to these individuals and their worldviews.


Christian families throughout Louisville have volunteered to host 2-4 participants per home. We hope this would be an enjoyable experience both for the guest and host family as you would stay overnight for both Friday and Saturday.

M3 Supervised Experience

A four month ongoing provision of coaching and accountability to M3 participants as
they commit to the Church, reach out to international students, and bring others within the work.

To apply what has been learned within M3 Intensive as a member, missionary, and mobilizer.

Membership. Show up. Commit. Serve. Give.
Missionary. Share the gospel. Serve needs of international students. Connect students to Community (connect groups).
Mobilizer. Model. Assist. Watch. Love.

To meet twice a month with 1-3 M3 participants to provide accountability and  to emphasize the Scriptures, expect missionary practice, and empower the Church from which their membership resides.

Emphasizing the Scriptures. For transformation, fellowship, and missional living.
Expecting Missionary Practice. Accountability forms, establishing goals, and reproducible methods.
Empower the Church. Establishing a team-based approach to ministry and bringing other members of local Church within the work.


The M3 Participant would be helpful to a Church by mobilizing M3 Participant into cross-cultural ministry (evangelism and discipleship), while also giving opportunities for other members to participate in international student ministry. An M3 could help to establish a team ministry approach for the Church.


  • Share the gospel one-on-one with international students.
  • Start a connect group mixed with Church members and non-Christian international students.
    • Needs for a connect group:
      • A home
      • Some individual/group to volunteer to cook and bring food
      • Connectors – those who connect with international students personally and then connect them with the rest of the connect group (brings them in)
      • Bible Study Leader – one who leads the evangelistic Bible study
    • The purpose of a Connect Group is to connect non-Christian international students and Church members in friendships by celebrating cultural differences and helping them learn about the Christian faith.
    • This practically looks like a meeting together in a home once a week to:
      • Eat together
      • Bible study together
      • Play (some fun activity) together
    • What do you need to begin a Connect Group?
      • A home
      • Some individual/group to volunteer to cook/bring food
      • Connectors – those who connect with international students throughout the week and then connect them with the rest of the connect group.
      • Bible study leader – one who leads the evangelistic Bible study


Accountability. Accountability is essential for the Christian in not only personal spiritual disciplines (e.g. Bible study, prayer, memorization of Scriptures) but also in evangelism and discipleship.

Future Opportunities.
Returning to home country: Some participants of the M3 Intensive will return to their home countries and will have the opportunity to share the gospel and start Churches where there are none. This experience can help one prepare for such a task.  

Campus Missionary Internship: A campus missionary intern (CMI) is someone who is discovered, developed, and deployed by the local Church as a missionary to a nearby campus to reach non-Christian students with the gospel. CMIs raise support and are able to serve as a missionary part-time or full-time based on the individual and Church’s perspective.

As a Christian with a multicultural perspective: God is continuing to bring the nations to the United States. The Church has been given a wonderful opportunity to reach the nations here. As a result of being involved in this opportunity, one will better understand how to serve those from different cultures and have cultivated a passion to love internationals.

Help your Local Church.
Mobilize other members. It is difficult for most Christians to find an area where they can serve. It’s very seldom that these opportunities to serve involves non-Christians on a regular basis. Be a part of helping fellow members connect with non-Christians.

Establish a team ministry from within the Church. The Church is Biblically identified as the body of Christ. Each person has a different role to play since s/he has been gifted differently by the Holy Spirit. Learn how and enjoy doing team based ministry alongside others.

See internationals come to know Jesus Christ. Jesus has sent us out to make disciples of all nations. Let’s get into the work.





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