What is KY BCM?

Learn about our Mission, our Passion, and our Drive:

Every student, every campus!

Baptist Campus Ministry

Helping churches reach Kentucky and the world for Christ!

Most realize time is limited. Our ability to control our circumstances from day to day is also limited. Scripture instructs us to make the most of each day. Each day provides a window of time to accomplish what we need to accomplish for the day. As we consider the church and her role in taking the Gospel to all nations, we have a narrowing window of time to reach people with the Gospel. Most people (67%) accept Jesus as their savior before age 21 (Barna, 2004). Each passing year that a person does not respond to God’s call on his or her life closes that window a bit.


What is the Twelve24 Window? The Twelve24 window represents the largest, most unevangelized demographic in the United States and likely the world, young-people aged 12 to 24. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the close to 900,000 people in Kentucky, aged 12 to 24, do not profess to be an active Christian. Given that 60% of our churched kids are walking away from their faith after High School and that our current engagement strategies are only engaging about 2% of the student population in Kentucky, we need a new strategy. Kentucky Baptist Campus Ministry exists to help the local church make a difference in these statistics!

Every Student, Every Campus!

Kentucky Baptist Campus ministry is here to help churches:

  • help every have a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel
  • develop a strategy to reach, equip, and mobilize students to engage their campus as a missionary
  • develop a 12/24 Leadership Team composed of church leaders (parents, teachers, and business leaders, etc.) to lead the effort to engage at least one secondary or post-secondary campus in your community

Twelve24 is:

  • an effort to help churches help as many in the Twelve24 Window hear and respond to the Gospel as possible
  • an effort to help churches reach, equip, empower and mobilize students to engage their campus as a missionary

What is a Campus Missionary Intern (CMI)?

Few disagree that we need to do more to engage the Twelve24 Window. However, most church leaders already have a full plate that keeps them from investing more in anything else, much less a ministry as intense as engaging the Twelve24 Window. Campus Missionary Interns can serve as a great resource to multiply the influence of the church leader and to provide significant leadership toward developing an effective ministry from the church toward a Twelve24 campus. CMIs can create a relational bridge to a Twelve24 campus so that as people believe in Jesus, they will already have a relationship with your church.

Twelve24 is not:

  • KY Baptist Campus Missionaries engaging middle and high school campuses
  • KY Baptist Campus Missionaries taking over youth ministry
  • Ministry in a box
  • A complete strategy the KBC is rolling out.

Steps to Engage the Twelve24 Window:

    1. Pray
    2. Connect with a Regional Campus Missionary (Listed Below)
    3. Recruit a Twelve24 Champion and Catalyst that will lead your Church’s Twelve24 team
    4. Work with your Regional Campus Missionary and Twelve24 team to develop strategy to evangelically engage a Twelve24 campus.
    5. Recruit and develop a core team of Twelve24 students
    6. Engage! Launch your ministry to the Twelve24 Window