Campus Missionary Intern 

Campus Ministry Interns (CMIs) and Campus Ministry Associates (CMAs) are vital to KYBCM’s purposes of growing Baptist Campus Ministries, starting new work, and assisting church leaders. CMIs/CMAs help KYBCM meet these purposes in the following ways:

  • Growing BCM Ministry

CMIs/CMAs help us grow BCM ministry on campuses. CMIs/CMAs play a vital role of investing in students by:

  • sharing the gospel with students on campus through personal evangelism
  • discipling students through one-on-one and small group ministry
  • connecting students to local churches
  • developing student leaders

CMIs/CMAs are particularly effective in relating to students on campus, as most are recent graduates who are slightly older than students. J.T. Curtis (Bowling Green region) is a prime example. In one day, he met one-on-one with seven young men on campus. He also coordinates a training group for young men interested in learning to preach by bringing in local pastors to meet with these students on Friday mornings at 6:15 AM.

  • Multiplying Our Efforts

CMIs and CMA help us multiply our ministry efforts with BCMs, on regional campuses, and in churches by increasing our supply of ministry workers. This is especially important with the regional scope of Campus Ministers. CMIs and CMAs enable Regional Campus Ministers to give attention to developing ministries in the region while still maintaining existing ministries.

  • Developing International Student Ministry

CMIs and CMAs have a critical role in developing international student ministry on our campuses. International student ministry requires unique and focused ministry strategy, attention, and efforts. CMIs/CMAs who focus in this area enable us to develop ministries to international students on our campuses and connect churches to international students. Hannah Parker in Murray and Colin and Sarah Wood in Bowling Green are examples of CMAs who enhance ministry to international students and work to connect churches to international students.

  • Assisting Churches with Reaching Students

CMIs and CMAs serve as a key link connecting the local church to the campus and students to the local church. Amanda Sankey (Bowling Green region) is a CMI who serves as a bridge between the BCM and Bowling Green First Baptist Church, helping the student minister at First Baptist develop a growing collegiate ministry.

  • Assisting with New Work on Regional Campuses

In some cases, CMAs will also serve as the Campus Missionary Leader developing a new work on a regional campus. JT Curtis (CMA) provides an example, as he is starting Baptist Campus Ministry work at the SKYCTC Franklin campus through Providence Baptist Church.

  • Developing Leaders for Churches

CMIs and CMAs are developed as ministry leaders for Kentucky Baptist and Southern Baptist churches through intensive training and practice of ministry in their CMI/CMA role. Brad Clardy serves as an example. After two years serving as a CMA in Bowling Green, Brad is now serving as the College Ministry Director for Cyprus Church, a NAMB church plant in Denver.

  • Funding

Campus Missionary Interns believe so strongly in their call to serve that they trust God to provide for their needs while serving. We help CMIs & CMAs develop a support network of ministry partners that will commit to pray, encourage and provide for whatever financial needs they may have.

We need CMIs/CMAs to

  • help us grow BCM
  • enable RCMs to enhance regional work
  • strengthen international student ministry
  • multiply our ministry efforts

Interested in serving as a CMI or CMA?
Pray about the opportunity. Where do you feel called to serve? Email your resume and a one-page cover letter explaining your desire to serve as a CMI to the Regional Campus Minister in the area desire to serve in.

In the words of Regional Campus Minister Jonathan Clark, “CMIs are incredibly valuable.”


CMA Colin Wood meeting with a student at WKU
CMA Colin Wood meeting with a student at WKU
CMA Colin Wood meeting with a student at WKU