Journey of Discipleship

by: Tommy Johnson


Journey of Discipleship: Becoming A Disciple of Jesus

“I haven’t really heard of discipleship before,” a student shared. Journey of Discipleship: Becoming A Disciple of Jesus aims at helping students understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. This study views discipleship as a journey which begins with encountering Jesus and the gospel and continues with the summons to follow Jesus. It examines the call, commitment, and cost of being a disciple, explores the heart of a disciple to know Christ, and introduces how following Jesus leads to living on mission. Journey of Discipleship seeks to help students hear the call to discipleship, deepen in their relationship with Christ, and become sold-out followers of Christ. 

Journey of Discipleship is designed for use with small groups but may also be used for personal study or one-on-one discipleship. It may be used in ministry with college students, youth, or adults.



About the Author

Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson is the Regional Campus Minister for the Kentucky Baptist Convention in the Bowling Green Region and at Western Kentucky University where he has served since 2004. Prior to that, he served for four years as the International Student Campus Minister for the KBC. He and his wife, Angela have two children, Benjamin and Gabriela.


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