Evangelism From Afar

2 Timothy 4:2


“Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; rebuke, correct, and encourage with great patience and teaching” 2 Timothy 4:2

This is a weird season!  Covid-19 has altered our daily lives.  We have had to adjust how we work.  We have had to adjust how we go to school.  We have had to adjust how we shop.  We have had to adjust how we even interact with people.  How do all these adjustments impact our Gospel conversations?

            Paul told us to be ready to preach the word in season and out of season.  The Covid-19 pandemic may be classified as an “out of season” moment for evangelism.  Evangelism may not be convenient, but it is needed.  People are full of anxiety and worry.  They are concerned about graduations, families, jobs, and a myriad of other worries.  Now is a great season to get the Gospel to people, but how do we get the gospel to people who are quarantined?  Here are some “out of season” ideas for you as you share your faith.

Identify the lost in your network

God has placed you in a network of relationships.  This network is more than just your social media connections, they are real people with whom you share a connection.  Take a moment to list out those you love who may not know the Lord.  After you listed several people that don’t know the Lord, begin to shift your prayers and focus to praying for their salvation. Here’s an idea of where to get started:

  1. People I live with that don’t know the Lord
  2. My close friends that don’t know the Lord
  3. My extended family that don’t know the Lord
  4. My neighbors that don’t know the Lord

Call and offer prayer

Pick up the phone and call.  Text messages and direct messages are great, but a phone call is better.  Your network is stuck in the house just like you are.  They are constantly looking at their social media feeds but aren’t really having true interactions.  Give them a call and check on them.  Offer to pray with them over the phone.  This simple act of offering to pray with them may lead to a deeper gospel conversation.

Post your testimony online

People are glued to their social media.  They are looking for the latest updates about Covid-19.  This search for more information can lead to great anxiety.  Bring some hope to their social media newsfeeds by sharing your story.  People may not watch long videos, so think about a shorter version of your testimony that does four things:

  1. Explains what your life was like before Christ
  2. How you met Christ
  3. What your life is like with Christ
  4. How they can give their hearts to Jesus

These are just three simple ideas to share your faith in this “out of season” moment.  Look for different opportunities to share our faith in these times.  Ask the Lord to help you be creative.  Ask him to make you bold.  Ask him to help you get the message of hope to people in their times of need.  We must proclaim the gospel “in season” and “out of season.” 

Kenny Rager
Evangelism Associate
Kentucky Baptist Convention